The former Minister of Aviation in the last administration took to twitter to commend the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola for effecting repairs on the Niger Bridge Asaba some weeks after he complained.

Before the repair

In a bazaar that would not be forgotten so easily, the Bang&Kosher company can only be grateful to you! the everyday Mente de Moda supporter, the vendors, the shoppers, the crew, our media partners and every affiliated individual to the SME project.

The Midsummerversary saw candy floss being sold on sticks to shoppers with a sweet tooth that is if you hadn't already indulged in mouth watering milk shakes from the JOHNNY ROCKETS truck sitting pretty as soon as you come in through the secondary entrance at BICS GARDEN. It was an amazing experience for shoppers looking for rare and pocket friendly items, one stop at stalls like 87 ORIGINS, TERRE LAGOS, PEPS KRU, 1807 COUTURE & LOVESHOPCLOSET and you would definately have gotten a bang for your buck. With our regular and ever so consistent vendors present to re-enforce their brand growth it is no wonder brands like SOUL ORANGE VINTAGE, URBAN FUXION, BIDDY'S MONDO, NICOLE&GIOVANNI SOCKS, VINTAGEWEARE constantly have a pool of people checking out their products.

In all the MIDSUMMERVAERSARY could not have been possible without our amazing & ever so patient vendors, our great and lively crowd of buyers and everyone supporting the dream to build the largest SME network in the continent.


After such a memorable august event we are going straight into overdrive with MENTE DE MODA MAX!!! it's time to shut down the city with the power of discounts, amazing deals and incredible products.
Your favourite lifestyle exhibition returns on the 4th of September at BICS GARDEN LEKKI promising more interactive activities to engage the consumer and more vendors to provide a variety in VALUE.


Do you want to sell out all your old stock?
Do you want to go for an exhibition and leave feeling fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the day?
Do you want to go for a shopping event that you can have fun to the max and do all your shopping  at the same time?
do you want to go for a one day event that connects you to lifetime customers?
Do you want to see what the sharpest entrepreneurial minds in Lagos have on display?

Guess what? You are not asking for too much and mentedemoda is coming again this september to give you all you want and a trailer load extra.


Hurry to or call 07080131488, 08089750366 to enjoy a whopping 20% off stall bookings.

This event is for everyone – couples, family, friends, retailers, beauty & fashion enthusiasts and much more! You can’t afford to miss this.

Date: 4th of September
Time: 12noon

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The singer, producer and songwriter has three children with his ex-wife, Nivea. Another daughter with ex-wife Christina Milian, a son with ex-girlfriend Lydia Nam, and two with his new wife, Lalonne Martinez

Imagine being able to move money between banks while relaxing by the pool; or paying bills from the gym; or requesting a new cheque book from your kitchen… Transform your smartphone into a powerful banking tool with Zenith Bank’s Mobile App, a sleek and highly functional app which offers access to all your Zenith Bank accounts such as Savings, Current, Domiciliary and Fixed Deposit accounts ..

With the mobile app you can carry out almost all transactions you would have needed to visit a branch for including the following:
Account Balance Enquiry - View all your accounts (Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit, Domiciliary and Card accounts).

Money Transfers - You can transfer funds with your mobile phone from wherever you are to any bank account in Nigeria.
Bills payments – Making bills payments is a breeze as the mobile app’s intuitive interface makes the process seamless. Utility bills, cable tv and internet subscriptions are among the many bills you can pay with the Zenith Bank mobile app.

Cheques - The Cheques Menu on the app enables you exercise control over your cheques. You can pre-confirm or stop payment of cheques from your mobile phone. And when your chequebook is running thin you can easily request another via your mobile app.

Cards – In that awkward moment when you discover your card is missing, don’t panic, just fire up the app and you can immediately deactivate your lost, stolen or damaged card. And if it turns out that you merely forgot where you left it, you can reactivate it with a few clicks on your app.

Manage your account – The mobile app is a command centre of sorts from where you can manage the settings of your banking. Some of these settings include:
o   Change Password
o   Change Mobile PIN
o   Change Authentication methods
o   Add and delete beneficiaries

Schedule Recurring Payments/Standing Order – Never miss another subscription payment for cable tv or your internet subscription. Just schedule a recurring payment and forget about it. The app never forgets and will pay your subscriptions on auto-pilot.

Airtime Purchase – Top up your phone and those of your family and friends from your mobile app. With airtime from all networks available and daily purchase limit of N50,000, you will never run out of airtime again.

Pay for flights and make hotel bookings – Business trip, family vacation or cosy getaway, you can book hotels worldwide and pay for your flights from your mobile phone. Just launch the app and start making amazing memories.

Locate Zenith Bank branches and ATMs – If you ever need to quickly locate a Zenith Bank branch or ATM, the mobile app comes in very handy as it can direct you to the nearest branch or ATM. It can also provide you with addresses of all our 350 branches nationwide.

Yesterday, Yahoo News released a report saying that Kim and Kanye seemed distant at the VMAs. Below is how they reported it...
There seemed to be a “diskonnect” between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the 2016 MTV VMAs. The power couple was the toast of the room last night - everyone wanted to take selfies with her or get him alone to hear one of his bizarre rants in person. But with all the behind-the-scenes cameras running on, aka the best part of last night’s show, they seemed “on” when the spotlight was on them and “off” when it wasn’t.
In their front row seats, the pair, who married in 2014, had their arms around one another and were even gazing into each other’s eyes. (Oh, Kanye, you genius you. Oh, Kim, you are the most beautiful woman on the planet.) Backstage though, they sat apart even though there were chairs side by side. They seemed far more into their phones than each other.

John and his wife Chiugo welcomed their daughter in June.

So a group of friends or colleagues come together and decide to form a savings club, otherwise known as an esusu or ajo depending on what part of Nigeria you are from. Expectations are high with everyone excited about the possibility of multiplying their savings in a monthly pool. After all, together everyone achieves more, right? So what could possibly go wrong?

Then the issues start arising. One by one, each member delays or outrightly refuses to pay his or her contribution quota when payment is due. Relationships are ruined, and dreams of savings towards that big car, house or holiday fail to become reality.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the traditional method of pool savings is completely flawed. There are many people who have benefitted greatly from this form of savings and have plenty to show for it. Instead, what I’m trying to do today is present you with a much more convenient and secure alternative.

Imagine if you could manage a savings club with friends from the comfort of your home and directly from a dashboard on your phone. Imagine if contributions were collected per account automatically, with little to no need to beg for compliance.

That’s the amazing benefit PaywithCapture 5.0. has on offer for its users, amongst multiple digital banking features. The free savings club allows for linkage between different bank accounts, with auto-debits and credits to the benefit of everyone involved. Transactions are secure, transparent and can be carried out anywhere and anytime with the great offline capability PaywithCapture 5.0 offers. All you need is a mobile device, and that’s it.

To get started and enjoy the savings club feature and other amazing advantages PaywithCapture 5.0 has for you, download the app for free at
Join the revolution!

A strange holiday snap shared on Reddit has sent the internet into confusion as the photo shows a cocktail-sipping woman's floating head and long legs , but seemingly no body. The optical illusion is driving people wild. Do you have any explanation towards this?

India’s Tourism minister Mahesh Sharma has spared controversy in the Asian country as he said foreign women travelling to India should not wear short dresses or skirts and should not walk alone at night “for their own safety”,
He also said women should take photographs of plate number of the cars they boarded while in India.
His provocative statements have come at a time when there's a lot of several high-profile gang rapes and attacks on women in the country.
Mahesh Sharma made the comments on Sunday while promoting a welcome kit that will be handed out to tourists when they arrive in India.
He said:
“In that kit they are given dos and don’ts. These are very small things like, they should not venture out alone at night in small places, or wear skirts, and they should click the photo of the vehicle number plate whenever they travel and send it to friends. For their own safety, women foreign tourists should not wear short dresses and skirts, . Indian culture is different from the western. he said”
After receiving a lot of backlash from women online, he denied his comments amounted to a dress code. He later added:
 “We have not given any specific instructions regarding what they should wear or not wear. We are asking them to take precaution while going out at night.I am a father of two daughters...I would never tell women what they should wear or not,” Mr Sharma said.
India has amended its laws to broaden the definition of rape to include any form of penetration; it lists out strict punishments not only for rape but also for sexual assault, voyeurism and stalking.
This isn't the first time, however, that Sharma has stoked controversy with his comments on how to ensure the safety of women.
Last year he said Indian women shouldn't go out at night.
"Girls wanting a night out may be all right elsewhere but it is not part of Indian culture," 
 Source: CNN

Billionaire businessman Chima Anyaso, his wife Ada and daughter Zola, are currently on holiday in the UK. They started off in Dubai and then moved over to Turkey. They are currently in the UK. See more photos after the cut.